1. Depart Castle Centre toward R267 / The Diamond(0.0 km)
  2. Bear left onto R267 / The Diamond(0.0 km)
  3. Make a U-turn at R267(3.8 km)
  4. At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto N15 / Tullygallan(2.0 km)
  5. Turn left onto R232(20.9 km)
  6. Road name changes to A35(8.9 km)
  7. Turn left onto Rosscolban Avenue(0.1 km)
  8. Bear right onto Mantlin Road(2.3 km)
  9. Keep straight onto road(6.9 km)
  10. Keep straight onto Moorfield Road(1.1 km)
  11. Keep straight onto Moorfield Road(1.1 km)
  12. Bear left onto A32 / Tummery Road(7.7 km)
  13. At roundabout, take 3rd exit onto B46 / St Georges Terrace(10.0 km)
  14. Turn right to stay on B46 / Main Street(0.1 km)
  15. Turn left onto B122 / Tattymoyle Road(0.9 km)
  16. Bear left onto B168 / Aghafad Road / Aughafad Road(14.3 km)
  17. Turn left onto A4 / Main Street(1.4 km)
  18. Turn right onto B83 / Old Monaghan Road(7.7 km)
  19. Road name changes to R186 / Drumfurrer(11.0 km)
  20. Turn left onto Aghagally(0.3 km)
  21. Bear left onto Tirnaskea North(0.5 km)
  22. Keep straight onto Killygavna(0.9 km)
  23. Road name changes to Corraghbrack(0.3 km)
  24. Turn right to stay on Corraghbrack(0.5 km)
  25. Road name changes to Sheetrim(0.3 km)
  26. Road name changes to Drumshanny(0.5 km)
  27. Road name changes to Drumhillagh(0.5 km)
  28. Road name changes to Legacurry(0.4 km)
  29. Road name changes to Tirnaneill(0.3 km)
  30. Turn right onto N2 / Tirnaneill(3.2 km)
  31. Pass through 6 roundabouts, remaining on N2(26.8 km)
  32. Turn left onto Corragarta(1.2 km)
  33. Turn right onto N53 / Corragarta(4.4 km)
  34. Road name changes to A37(5.5 km)
  35. Road name changes to N53 / Rassan(10.4 km)
  36. At roundabout, take 2nd exit(0.1 km)
  37. At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto ramp(0.6 km)
  38. Merge onto M1(75.0 km)
  39. Road name changes to M50(6.8 km)
  40. Bear right, and then bear left onto R131 / East Wall Road(0.8 km)
  41. At roundabout, take 2nd exit onto R801 / North Wall Quay(1.7 km)
  42. Bear left onto R105(0.5 km)
  43. Turn left onto N11 / D’Olier Street(0.4 km)
  44. Turn left to stay on N11 / Grafton Street(0.1 km)
  45. Bear left onto N11 / Nassau Street(0.3 km)
  46. Turn right to stay on N11 / Kildare Street(0.4 km)
  47. Turn left to stay on N11 / St Stephens Green North(0.4 km)
  48. Turn right to stay on N11 / Pembroke Street Lower(0.5 km)
  49. Turn right to stay on N11 / Leeson Street Lower(0.2 km)
  50. Turn left onto Earlsfort Terrace(0.3 km)
  51. Keep straight onto R811 / Earlsfort Terrace(0.1 km)
  52. Arrive at R811 / Earlsfort Terrace on the right(0.0 km)



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